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Service Areas

Currently serving the Swan River Valley, Roblin, St.Rose du Lac, McCreary, Hudson Bay, The Pas and in between. We also serve the Arran, Pelly and Norquay regions in Saskatchewan.

Crop Protection

PVA provides a professional, reliable aerial application service to growers. This will include the aerial application of agricultural seeding and spreading, fungicide, insecticide and fall desiccation. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you!

Freedom of Time

PVA is operated in a highly productive agricultural area. 

We are ready to go when the grower is in need.

PVA can provide an easy way to book and manage workloads using industry

specific software for job planning and booking. Clients will be able to book

fields and check status of job on their mobile device. 

Get out of the field and let us handle your crop inputs.

Higher Yields

Moving ground equipment through a field inevitably damages the crop, you can reduce crop yield much more than the cost of an aerial application.  There is no soil compaction from wheels on the ground, especially if your soil is wet.

We can get in the fields quicker with no damage.

Today’s ag aircraft use sophisticated precision application equipment such as GPS (global positioning systems), GIS (geographical information systems), real time meteorological systems, variable-rate flow control valves,

single-boom shutoff valves and smokers to identify wind speed and direction.

Yorkton Aircraft's Trampling Calculator

If you've ever wondered how much your trampled crop from ground spraying is costing you work through this calculator.

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